Surrey County Childminding Association

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PACEY and Morton Michel are good sources for your paperwork needs. Which one you use is entirely up to individual childminders, alternatively you can use your own!
The following list provides examples of paperwork childminders will/may need. Please note this is not exhaustive. 

Childminders must have:
Public Liability Insurance
Business use on your car insurance (ensuring your company knows you carry other people's children as part of your work)
Childminding contract between parents/carers
Permission forms 
Accident and emergency forms
Attendance Register
Record of parents and children's personal details
Emergency Contact details of other people other than parents/main carer
Record of children's allergies/medical information
Food Record (if providing food for children in your care)
Menu (if providing food with allergens clearly identified) For Food allergen poster to display in your setting for parents CLICK HERE
Existing injuries form
Concerns form
Learning Journey for each child under 5 

Good Practice to have:
Visitor's Book
Daily Diary for each child under 5
Learning observations (see the above link to find templates at the Surrey County Council website)
Planning documents (see the link above to find templates at the Surrey County Council website)
Risk assessments (for indoors and outdoors at your setting, as well as any places you may visit regularly or as special one off events)- you do not have to have these written, however it is a good way to demonstrate you are assessing risks and to show the Ofsted Inspector!