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Here is a list of frequently asked questions you may have! If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact a member of SCCMA via the Contact page.

How do I become a registered childminder?
You need to be registered with Ofsted if you are looking after children 8 years old or under for more than two hours a day. 
The first port of call would be to attend a briefing meeting through Early Years and Childcare Service Team in Surrey County Council.

These information evenings are free for people who live in Surrey and give you the information you need to become registered. Also they help you decide if childminding is for you. For more information click here
As well as the childminder, all people who live or work on the premises of your childminding business will need a DBS (former CRB) check. For information on DBS click here 

How do I attend training?
Surrey County Council send out training brochures every term. This includes dates for Home-based Child-carers. 

The SCCMA will be organising training sessions in the evenings. There may be a small fee to cover costs, as SCCMA is a charity. Look out for dates in the 'What's on Tab'. 

You can also access online training through different providers. You may get some funding to complete level three qualification click here for more info on new level three requirements

Is funding available for me to complete a childcare qualification?
Surrey County Council may be able to help you towards costs of training for a level three qualification or beyond, for more info talk to your homebased childcare advisor. or go to Qualification funding for childcare professionals 

What is the EYFS?
'EYFS' stands for 'Early years foundation stage'. This is the legal framework and curriculum that all settings working with under 5's have to adhere to. Its tells us the welfare and safeguarding requirements that we MUST ensure we have in place.
It's really useful to read through each requirement and to write next to it how you meet it, e.g. which policy covers it, that way you know you have covered everything, (it doesn't take too long!)
The EYFS also has the developmental areas that children need to achieve by end of reception year.  These are split into two sections- Prime areas and Specific areas. Click here  for a parents guide to the EYFS (it's a good clear explanation! and you could give this to parents)

What is FEET and EYFE can I offer it to Parents?

FEET is 'Free Early Education for Two year olds'. 
All Childminders who are graded as 'Good' or 'Outstanding' can register to draw down this grant to take two year olds who would benefit from early good quality childcare. They can claim up to 15 hours a week. For more information on FEET click here  this will take you to surrey county council website. 

EYFE is 'Early Years Free Entitlement for three and four year olds'. 
Any parents can claim 15 hours of free funding during term time, from the term after their child's third birthday. Childminders graded 'Good' or 'Outstanding' can draw down this grant to financially help parents. For more information click here to go to SCC site as above. 
You can also contact your Home-based Childcare Advisor for more information. Their details are on the Help and support tab

Can I claim for milk?
Yes. Register childminders can claim for 1/3 pint per child of whole milk for under twos and semi for under 5's, under the nursery milk scheme. There are a few companies that do this and it can also be delivered by your milkman. There are a variety of suppliers who do this so ask around who uses who for best service or if you would like more information do get in touch.